Introduction to school

  Shenzhen Yunding School was a stated own voluntary school co-established by Shenzhen Wanze Group, a well-known company constitutes three listed companies, and a famous Chinese University ----South China Normal University. The school is composed of 56 classes, including departments of primary school, junior high school, senior high school and international school, with more than 2000 students in total.

  Shenzhen Yunding School locates in Futian District of Shenzhen and it is close to Futian District Government. With a beautiful park called Huanggang Park by its east side, the school enjoys excellent location and elegant environment. The school is planned and designed with scientific theories and high standards. It is a unique large school in Shenzhen, equipped with equipments of Guangdong Province level 1 standard, some of which are of international leading standards, and it provides air-condition and multi-media platforms in every classroom.

  “Salute to yesterday and start tomorrow’s journey. ” Yunding School took a significant turn in 2009 and started over. It progressed and grew in difficulty, and within 5 years, the school grew from 400 students to more than 2000 students, setting a new record in education industry. Yunding School has established the teaching plan of “Unique senior high school, excellent junior high school, exquisite primary school and high-quality international department ” and it is on its grand journey with the core strategy of "Sunny theory, exquisite education, international style and quality service".

Introduction to principal

  Principal Yang Jian: Well-know national expert of education, national supervisory expert of middle school and primary school education, People of non-government funded education 2012, Educational Inspector of Shenzhen People’s Government, Labor Model of Shenzhen, Excellent Builder of Shenzhen, special-hire professor of Shenzhen middle and primary school principal training center, expert of Shenzhen teachers’ continuous education, main speaker of Shenzhen people’s cultural stage, permanent guest of Shenzhen radio, specia education expert of Southern Metropolis Daily, Shenzhen Evening Post, the host of “Yang Jian Voluntary EducationWorkshop” listed by Futian District Education Bureau of Shenzhen.

  Principal Yang Jian first started as a managing principal at Shenzhen Campus of Middle School attached to Nankai University when he was 29, and began his splendid teaching journey in Nankai University. Later Principal Yang Jian came to work as the Principal of Shenzhen Yunding School at the age of 35 and led to high-speed development which has been called “Yunding Speed”. From “have to do it” to “want to do it” and to “obsessive doing”, Principal Yang Jian has spent almost 20 years on non-government funded education , which is about all his youth, and he has created many No. 1 and won lots of unique in the field of school management and elementary education.

Contact Method

School Address: 7th Street of Huanggang Park, Fuqiang Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen China Phone: 86-755-83491449

Route guidance:

Shui Wei Village Station (FU Qiang Road):4/47/60/103/219/225/312/339/362/364/367/377
Fu Qiang Village Station (Jin Tian Road):28/358/52/60/62/235/241/305
Huang Gang Park Station (Yi Tian Road):71/76/80/219/317/374/385/Bonded Zone line 2
Huang Gang Village Station (Fu Min Road):28/33/34/35/63/73/103B/202/212/235/302/385
Fu Tian Health Hospital Station (Fu Min Road):28/33/34/35B/63/73/103B/202/212/231/235/241/303